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NRI 6 Elements investment

Things You Must Know

6 Elements projects adhere to the regulations to invest in the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA), providing NRIs with a secure and regulated investment environment ensuring transparency and legal protection for investors, including NRIs.

Investing in 6 Elements grants NRIs the luxury of owning hassle-free holiday homes. With professional property management services in place, maintenance responsibilities are taken care of, allowing NRIs to enjoy peace of mind.

With 6 Elements, NRIs can benefit from property appreciation over time, as the value of the resort properties grows in line with market demand and development.

Through the rental pool arrangement with the resort, NRIs can enjoy regular and stable rental income streams, providing a reliable source of passive income.

Investing in 6 Elements allows NRIs to diversify their investment portfolio beyond traditional asset classes, such as stocks and bonds, with exposure to the profitable real estate market in India.

Unlike other investment models, NRIs become direct owners of the resort properties they invest in through 6 Elements, affording them full control and ownership rights over their investments.

With the success of its inaugural resort in Mulshi and expansion across the Pune-Mumbai region, 6 Elements has established a credible track record, instilling confidence in NRI investors.

By investing in 6 Elements, NRIs can tap into the future growth potential of India’s real estate market, capitalizing on the country’s rapid urbanization and increasing demand for quality accommodation and leisure facilities.

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