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Atman Wellness Retreat is a prestigious residential project strategically located in Pune’s rapidly developing East area. This project not only capitalizes on its prime location but also elevates the living experience by incorporating wellness amenities.

Situated in proximity to the burgeoning New Magarpatta City, Sahajpur MIDC, and the upcoming New Purandar International Airport, the project is uniquely positioned to benefit from the economic growth of these vibrant hubs.

Additionally, the project’s proximity to the upcoming ring road ensures smooth connectivity and accessibility to major transportation hubs, including the Pune National Highway, further increasing the potential for appreciation in property values.

With the demand for properties in the area increasing, property values are expected to appreciate. That’s why it’s the perfect time to invest in Atman Wellness Retreat.


  • Magarpatta City
  • Sahajpur MIDC
  • Ring Road Connectivity
  • Pune National Highway
  • Purandar International Airport


Plunge Pool

Swimming Pool

EV Charging Station

Ayurvedic spa

Herbal Plantation

Walking Track

Organic Farming

Solar panel

CCTV with Backup


With the East area experiencing rapid development and increasing demand for real estate, investors can expect significant appreciation in property values over time. Additionally, the project gives steady rental income potential and favorable returns on investment for investors.

Atman Wellness Homes is strategically located in Pune’s rapidly developing East area, poised to benefit from the area’s immense growth potential and promising appreciation in property values. With its proximity to economic hubs like New Magarpatta City and Sahajpur MIDC, along with upcoming infrastructure developments such as the ring road, investing in this project offers investors an opportunity to capitalize on the area’s upward trajectory.

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Plunge Pool

Swimming Pool

EV Charging Station

EV Charging Station

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